International Journal of Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Law 2023

Holiday lettings in France: tips and tricks Valérie Augros I. The regulation of holiday lettings through innovative specific legislations to remedy housing shortage. II. The reference to older existing legislations to remedy inconvenience resulting from holiday lettings. Travellers are offered with a wide range of tourist accommodations such as hotels, clubs, beds and breakfasts, camp sites, etc. And among them, can be found holiday lettings. Holiday lettings represent in France – and now in most attractive countries around the world – one of the most favourite types of tourist accommodations. With the development of Internet Platforms such as Airbnb, holiday lettings were clearly facilitated and then became very popular. This type of accommodation was even more successful following the Covid-19 pandemic, when more traditional tourist accommodations such as hotels were neglected. With holiday lettings, the travellers would be enthusiastic in experiencing local authenticity while lessors offering tourist accommodations to let would be able to gain greater incomes… At such point that European capitals, including Paris, observed significant and negative changes in terms of development of congested touristic areas as well as of housing shortage for local inhabitants. This phenomenon now even expanded to smaller cities and holidays lettings activities are seriously questioned in touristic territories with regards to difficulties for local inhabitants to find a home residence at a fair price but also to live in such areas where growing nuisance and incivilities from some careless tourists are observed. In France, it was therefore decided to regulate the development of holiday lettings activities through various legal mechanisms and to remedy the inconvenience resulting from such activities. A more and more restrictive approach in recent legislations was then adopted to control housing shortage (I). However, older existing legislations that were disregarded, reappeared in an unexpected way to limit, when possible, troubles resulting from excessive holiday lettings (II). Keywords: Tourist accommodations, internet platforms