International Journal of Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Law 2023

Monika Jurčova, Liability of online platforms in tourism sector 35
Silvia Feliu, Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act: their impact on the tourism sector 55
Matija Damjan, The new online platform rules and the accommodation booking services 67
Tatjana Josipović, Modernisation of information requirements for consumers on online tourism services market 83
Alejandro Corral Sastre, A new Administrative Law for a new Tourism: now or never 123
Michael Wukoschitz, An air passenger’s unfortunate fall down the stairs and an ‘accidental’ decision of the CJEU 159
Francesco Torchia, Tourism enterprise and cultural heritage protection, as a legal instrument for valorisation of the territory and of the person 169
João Almeida Vidal, Arbitration and tourism: a field to explore 195
On Tourism Law Quest for general principles 223
Michael Wukoschitz, A Wicked Deed’s Curse. Will X v Kuoni change the organiser’s liability? 227
Dimitrios Mylonopoulos, Exploring the Potential for Speleotourism Development in Greece 239
Caterina del Federico, The use of artificial intelligence in travel and hospitality industry. Civil liability profiles 259
Andrej Mićović, Legal tech and online dispute resolution in tourism 271
Yana Yakushina and Phil Cameron, Dark-sky tourism for sustainable tourism recovery 283
Valérie Augros, Holiday lettings in France: tips and tricks 301
Pilar Juana García Saura, Collaborative platforms in accommodation. 309
Afonso Ribeiro Café, Public and private law instruments to protect neighbours on accommodation 329
Ilie Dumitru, EU legislation and contractual relationship between the travel package organizer and the air carrier in case of charter flights 349
Inmaculada González Cabrera, Rethinking the liability of package tour operators in Spain 359
Jonas Thyberg, The Package Travel Act and the Covid19 pandemic 383
Marie Vandersanden, “Just because it says package travel doesn’t mean it is package travel!” 403
Sarah Prager, Competition Law: Online Travel Agents and Airlines 413
Bertold Bär-Bouyssiere, Sustainability and Article 101(1) TFEU – Exploring (almost) virgin territory 433
Antonia Paniza Fullana, Tourism, sustainability and circularity in Law 3/2022, of 15 June, on urgent measures for the sustainability and circularity of tourism in the Balearic Islands 449
Francisca Ramón Fernández, Turismo e inteligencia artificial: nuevas perspectivas para los productos turísticos 467
Freddy Andrés Hung Gil, Marco jurídico de los contratos turísticos en Cuba 493
Carlos Eduardo Armas Morales y Alfonso Calagua Ortiz, El derecho al endoso de billete aéreo nacional. El caso Peruano 513