Legal Approaches for Sustainable Wine Tourism Development by Dimitrios Mylonopoulos and Polyxeni Moira

1st World Congress on Wine Tourism and the Law 2. Wine Route of Epirus 3. Wine Route of the Lakes 4. Wine Route of Naoussa 5. Wine Route of Pella - Goumenissa 6. Wine Route of Thessaloniki 7. Wine Route of Chalkidiki 8. Wine Route of Dionysus Each route is designed to showcase the unique wine production and cultural heritage of the respective regions, providing visitors with a comprehensive and authentic wine tourism experience (Figure 5). According to the Association, the network laid the grounds for the development of wine tourism options in Greece and established wine tourism as a distinct category in the Greek tourism industry. This initiative also led to the establishment of two nationwide annual events, the "Open Cellar Doors" and the celebration of the "World Wine Tourism Day". The successful example of the Association above led other collective bodies in different regions of Greece to create winemaking networks with the aim of utilizing wine tourism. As a result, similar networks of winemakers-tourist routes were established, such as the "Wine Routes of Athens - Wines of Athens" (2014), the "Wine Routes of Crete" (Destination Crete, 2018), and more. Additionally, there are wine routes on the islands of the Aegean11, including participation from Lesbos, Lemnos, Chios, Oinousses, Psara, Samos, Santorini, Ikaria, and Fournoi. The network also includes all the Dodecanese islands and the Cyclades. These networks aim to promote local wine production and cultural heritage, attracting tourists interested in wine tourism experiences and offering them the opportunity to explore the diverse wine regions of Greece. Figure 5. Wine Routes of Northern Greece Editing: P. Moira 11 Since 2009, the Union of Winemakers and Viticulturists of the Aegean Islands (ENOAΝΑ) has been organizing and promoting the "Wine Routes of the Aegean" on each island and the initiative "Routes of Aegean Wine" covering the entire archipelago. See: Ένωση οινοποιών-αμπελουργών νήσων Αιγαίου (2017) at