Legal Approaches for Sustainable Wine Tourism Development by Dimitrios Mylonopoulos and Polyxeni Moira

Dimitrios Mylonopoulos | Polyxeni Moira Figure 4. The Quality Label “Winery Open to the Public” The Label should be placed at the entrance of the winemaking or wine-producing facility. According to data from the Greek Ministry of Tourism until October 3, 2022, 102 wineries had been awarded with the Quality Label “Winery Open to the Public” (Table 1). Table 1. Quality Labels “Winery Open to the Public” per Region Regional Tourism Authority Number 1 Thessaly 4 2 Cyclades 9 3 Central Greece 5 4 Dodecanese 3 5 Western Greece 12 6 East Macedonia & Thrace 6 7 North Aegean 4 8 Western Macedonia 7 9 Crete 14 10 Epirus 2 11 Peloponnese 14 12 Central Macedonia 12 13 Attica 10 14 Ionian Islands 0 TOTAL 102 Source: Registry S.E.O. Greek Ministry of Tourism (έγγραφο ΑΜ 19496/11-10-2022) In fact, according to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Tourism, 100% of the businesses awarded with this Quality Label responded that it was an extra asset for their business (Υπουργείο Τουρισμού της Ελλάδας, 2021). 3.3. Specifications for facilities Specialized facilities are provided for the reception, guided tours, and hospitality of visitors to wineries and wine-producing establishments, based on specific standards depending on the type of accommodation being established. Thus, by virtue of Ministerial Decisions no.